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Provider Best, Pillow Princesses and Other Intimate Terms And Conditions | Autostraddle

It is advisable to establish service covers along with other conditions you use to have gender for

round four of

an intense and fascinating trip into many sexual conditions

I was thinking i really could describe very fast in a single article few weeks back and it proved I found myself incorrect nowadays right here we have been!

We have been going right on through information for the past few weeks to look at that which we mean when we state
top or dominating
base or submissive
, making use of
information and information from a gender review that earned over 3.6k responses
. These days we are speaing frankly about other terms that come upwards whenever we say those terms, that I have actually called “sub-identities.” I understand that it is perplexing because it appears like submissive identities however you learn, what can I do, i did not write the dictionary. Easily had, “gay” is understood to be “something every person is actually.”

Issue about sub-identities taken place regarding kink page, thus exactly the 924 survey-takers just who showed which they recognized as kinky had been expected: “any kind of different conditions you utilize to describe the way you want to make love or the role you perform in gender (example, solution top, sadist, bratty bottom, stone, pain switch)?” In retrospect, we should’ve expected this of everyone, as not every one of these conditions tend to be kink-specific!

299 with the kink-identified survey-takers replied the question. Those that did not answer cannot, however, be believed not to ascribe to virtually any sub-identities — maybe they certainly were just… busy. You realize?

This is simply not a full glossary of language queer individuals use to talk about how they have sexual intercourse — it’s simply exactly what y’all told you that you’re into. Any independent quotes included as meanings that are not or else mentioned came from the survey answers. Most of these items was completely new in my opinion! Also don’t @ me regarding daddy section, thanks a lot.

I. Terms Connected To Both Vanilla And Kinky Sex

Service Top

example by Archie Bongiovanni

A site very top is a premier exactly who functions relating to exactly what pleases their particular bottom, which pleases all of them. “I like providing my personal spouse just what she wishes while I’m the one theoretically phoning the shots,” penned a soft butch lesbian solution very top. “I’m not an aggressive very top or dom,” penned another solution leading, “but alternatively my personal topping comes from a location of care.” Another identified it “a submissive service part ready of offering intimate acts.”

Pillow Princess

illustration by Archie Bongiovanni

An individual who obtains pleasure during sex but will not positively supply it. Is usually found in a derogatory way and ought to not be! “Pillow princesses are braver compared to the US marines,” had written one pleased Pillow Princess. One agender biesxual in a relationship with a material girl had written, “I’ve style of adopted pillow princess as a task in my recent commitment because i have ended asking if my companion is yes they don’t really wish us to do anything and it’s a little bit of a joke between your a couple of you.”


example by Archie Bongiovanni

An individual who will not want their particular genitals touched during intercourse. “I have no issue pleasing my personal spouse, coming in contact with this lady closely and making her climax,” wrote one soft butch lesbian. “Although this really does switch my personal nether areas into swampland, We have no wish for the woman to reciprocate the intimacy through penile or erogenous zone coming in contact with.”

One stone demonstrated: “I really don’t want my human body become touched except under my path or if We have given explicit inside the time permission to somebody we trust and in the morning confident with.”

Another explained themselves as a “rollin’ rock,” that they described as: “I’ll sit on your face and reveal what to do in my situation sporadically and that I’ll move you to ask to-be permitted to … nevertheless’d must have been quite damn remarkable and gathered my depend on to stand chances. Just one relationship previously got to that.”

Because of to some extent to their popularization because of the unique

Stone Butch Blues

, this is certainly recognized as a reply to sexual traumatization, since it had been for the novel’s narrator. However, that isn’t usually the truth! Stone identities are present for many factors, like a stone who told all of us that “it seems too intense and requires myself outside of the time.”

Power Bottom

example by Archie Bongiovanni

“for me personally,” composed one tomboy femme lesbian, “[power bottom part means] being actually participatory and effective in precisely what is occurring, finding opportunities to tease my personal partner, delight in keeping them on their feet in a lively means, and making use of my sexual


for connecting with these people from my point of view.”

a perverted energy bottom described it in this way: “To me it encompasses getting dominant by guiding the world but carrying it out from a


viewpoint. (ie: advising my very top how to proceed, where to hit me personally then, exactly what task I’d like to do, etc. while I receive the actual facet of the scene).”

Another take: energy bottom “is way more regarding the power with which a person is bottoming,” relating to one non-binary queer.

Power Bottom vs. Bossy Bottom

I heard the essential difference between “power base” and “bossy bottom” explained along these lines: in the event the very top is within the motorist’s chair, the ability base may be the one out of the traveler seat who’s got the instructions pulled right up, knows place, and has her attention around for police, whereas the bossy bottom is a backseat driver whom kinda understands ways but mostly merely provides insight. That explanation is, clearly, slightly adverse to the bossy base. Indeed, in gay male tradition,
it is bad as a bossy bottom
. But y’all explained “bossy bottom” as more a good thing! One queer lady labeled “bossy base” as “a prominent part in the getting situation of play,” which sounds like a powerful way to end up being.

Bratty Bottom

illustration by Archie Bongiovanni

This is a very popular mention — and
its an identification we’ve discussing before
. “I adore playing with power dynamics but i cannot take it severely since it is all contrived,” published one brat. “Really don’t wish ask you to definitely climax or give power even though you call your self a ‘Dom’ in order to pander your pride; when you need to use energy and control, you’d better expect you’ll generate me perform that which you state.”

“I think [being a brat/bratty base] enables me personally a perfect ‘release’ of entry but lets me engage and tease,” wrote a lesbian femme. “I believe like I have showing a higher array of my actual personality and cleverness, therefore feels a lot more authentic to which I really am, with respect to my personal sarcasm, dark wit, etc.”

“i have heard bratty subbing be versus or called ‘topping from bottom,'” blogged a queer femme, “and I cannot really recognize with this — I however certainly desire my personal partner to own control and energy and then make the decisions.”


Bratty base but minus the underside! “I’m a brat, whether I’m topping or bottoming,” mentioned one of these people.

Brat Tamer

One who handles the bratty soles or “the dom who has to manage the


and usually punishes all of them for his or her disobedience.”

III. Kink-Specific Terms


“Person Who derives delight from imposing discomfort, intense feelings, and discomfort on another person.” –
The Ultimate Guide to Kink

Forty-three participants identified as sadists, and approximately half of that party additionally recognized as masochists, with another eight pinpointing as sadomasochists. Sadists, as per the dictionary, get delight out of triggering someone else to endure whether or not or perhaps not that person is taking pleasure in by themselves or really wants to encounter that type of pain. But, in intimate rehearse, a key part of sadism is


— the one obtaining discomfort has consented and communicated whatever’re into. Soreness inflicted by sadist could be real (electronic.g., spanking, biting) or psychological and emotional (e.g., humiliation, climax assertion).

“I feel a feeling of ill delight and glee when someone is crying, shouting, or elsewhere actually hurting,” had written one sadist. “a few of it has to perform beside me appreciating in power over some body, but that is only part.” But sadism is actually a delicate artwork, might feel contradictory, as well: “i shall acknowledge You will find a difficult time taking the sadistic area of my self, even when the discomfort we result is consensual. I’m a caring, empathetic individual, and I also’ve always been instructed that great individuals don’t hurt other individuals, and so they truly you shouldn’t delight in hurting others.”

A ‘soft sadist’ might take pleasure in offering


discomfort not in excess. ” “i love to inflict some pain to my spouse,” blogged one, “also enjoy doubting her sexual climaxes, which will be kinda torturous for her.”

“I’m seriously a lot more of a ‘sweet sadist’ or ‘sensual sadist’ where there are plenty of assurance and embarrassing/cutesy sayings thrown in,” published a lesbian domme. “Sometimes we’ll chuckle at all of them in a gentle means. It isn’t really from a spot of cruelty, ever.”


“Someone who enjoys obtaining discomfort or intensive sensations, getting produced uncomfortable, or becoming ‘forced’ to accomplish anything they do not enjoy.” â€“
A perfect Self-help Guide To Kink

Many masochists explained their own affiliation as “getting pleasure from discomfort.” “we fucking love becoming harmed (leather-based straps tend to be my favorite),” typed one lesbian genderqueer lady. “i prefer being bitten and spanked and I get aroused due to this,” blogged a bisexual girl.



is not as much about D/s for my situation as it is about sharpening feeling and so I will get out-of my head and be present in the minute,” composed one gay lady. “It is like shutting off my personal head, and grounding me, via my body.”


Although some participants said they defined as both sadists and masochists, some used “sadomasochist” particularly, which makes reference to people who enjoy offering and obtaining discomfort. Sadomasochism, composed one femme leading, “describes the amazing pleasure I have from giving consensual discomfort plus the pleasure I get from controlling the method certain types of discomfort tend to be brought to myself (like how I want to have my bratty bottom lover bite myself very difficult if they’re inside me and that I’m spanking them additionally).”

Pain Turn

Turned on by discomfort — giving it or getting it. Comparable to sadomasochist, possibly more content for those who never necessarily feel affinity to people terms for assortment of reasons, like not becoming inside mental factor or preferring the pain sensation person to be visibly taking pleasure in themselves (such as; no consensual non-consent). To every their particular!


These conditions, considered part of age play, came up in 35 solutions, either pointed out as a person’s identity or perhaps the identity regarding lover. Generally in heterosexual kink, a guy accepting this role would recognize as a Daddy and a woman would identify as a Mommy, but we’re queer, thus really Daddy ended up being discussed twice as often as Mommy on all of our study.

Obviously, “Daddy” will often you should be a phrase you state during sex with which has certain energy dynamics or some section of get older play, but also for other individuals, its a very real identity. Its a type of domming that incorporates “parental” habits: protecting, top, exerting power, becoming nurturing or caretaking, and also delivering scolding and punishments for misbeheavior.

“I lately become a


to my man (that is a butch cis lady),” typed a queer femme. “As a chronicly ill/disabled person, domming my personal fan in doing this has given myself a lot more than simply enjoyment for both people. It’s offered me personally a sense of confidence, as well as having some control during my life for the first time since I have became sick. While I always leaned much more towards becoming a sub prior to now, i’m like I actually blossomed by getting more principal. There’s something very healthy about staying in cost again after 36 months of being very physically (and financially etc.) impotent. Once i am


, it’s everything about caring for another person, in the place of being handled, that is really empowering at this time. I love that my personal guy is really fired up by me, seems dealt with and is desperate to please myself.”

“It means that while i would like my personal companion to submit to me although i do want to maintain power over the problem,” wrote another self-identified Daddy. “I also want my personal spouse to feel looked after and achieved.”

One “little girl” explained “mommy domme” as “where versus a domme from inside the masochistic method, the domme assumes on a more compassionate, nurturing part. Mild femme domme, for a moment.” Another mentioned, “I just just like the


powerful bc distribution assumes a hotter and patronizing flavour, if everything it is the feeling of getting handled and condescended to that makes being just a little so hot.”

“i love mother or

mommy,” said a trans lesbian. “L

argely this is just the notably cathartic thing in which folks will end up being beaten right up by a nice woman. I am anti-daddy, rather than a big fan of


, but i am entirely here for a fist stuffed with


At long last, this: “i am a


, and that I have actually a



and that’s very hot.”

Minimal Girl/Boi / Babygirl / Good Girl/Boi / Negative Girl/Boi

Generally called section of a Daddy/little vibrant. “I identify as a babygirl,” typed a femme lesbian. “i like feeling cared for and appreciated by my personal sweetheart, who identifies as a


. She provides a sense of security and safety for me personally while in this part that We have never had with earlier lovers, and loves the sensation of nurturing me whenever we perform.”

Another blogged, “i’ve a Daddy and practice age-play and D/s. Meaning i am a slutty little princess which submits to my personal Dom and gets some fucking and discomfort and attention. I also perform jobs and tasks outside sex to kindly my personal Daddy.”

“I’m exploring ‘little girl’ since I have’m nonbinary and just haven’t considered myself as a


/woman in years,” said a queer individual. “But in bed, I Truly enjoy becoming labeled as ‘



and ‘pretty


¯_(ツ)_/¯ which the fuck understands what sex is anyway?! I simply want to possess some amazing sexual climaxes without considering that ugh.”

“great lady,” “bad girl” and “bad boi” happened to be in addition mentioned as words made use of frequently in views including Mommy/Daddy and small dynamics.

Eventually, another little/babygirl put into her description: “In little-space I don’t have to bother with figuratively speaking.”


“I like creating an environment where some one can decide their own reaction as well as the illegal thrill with with the knowledge that they performed this to on their own.”


“staying in cost of the scene and topping the other person but through light and really love. Deities disappear without fans thus for me this will be somewhere where we honor my partner worshipping me personally by sharing my power together with them and training all of them upwards. ”

Dog / Owner

“When we eliminate out personal masks to become a lot more animalistic,” produces Lee Harrington in

The Ultimate Guide to Kink

. “Sometimes main elements of our identification reach the forefront with techniques that people happened to be inadvertently covering from world at large.”

Some survey-takers wrote regarding desire for pony and puppy play or distinguishing as kittens. One outlined their identification as a “service otter.” Some explained supplying service for their proprietors, other people of doing “primal play” (“playing more animalistic / rough and tumble”), other people in more of a lifestyle situation. Like other components of BDSM, there’s not always necessarily a sexual component — the focus could be more on cuddling or solution. For example,
this comic about dog play
describes that a “mosh,” or “puppy play meetup,” is generally “a secure room… to receive cuddles and sensuous touch minus the hope of intercourse.”



“i prefer feeling like i am getting hunted down.”


Hunts down the prey. Part of primal play, that may feature using concern in dominance/submission and “animalistic” raw/unfiltered play.

[Pain or Humiliation or Etc] Slut

“Slut” hooks up together with other terms to reflect, generally, a bottomless food cravings for something. Pain nymphos want discomfort and torture, humiliation nymphos desire embarrassment, sensation sluts tend to be into different bodily feelings — floggers, canes, whips, arms, chains, rope, electric shocks, etc. “influence slut” ended up being another phrase pointed out, yet not described by person who talked about it or within any kink reference supplies We have entry to. I’m gonna embark on a limb right here and state its becoming awesome into impact — obtaining struck, spanked, punched, kicked, etc.


“I enjoy enjoyment in general more critical that playing a particular role,” penned a queer trans girl. Another hedonist opined, “let’s all just have gorgeous orgasms, hopefully together.”

Thrill Dom

“Dominating to carry out everything learn is likely to make the other person are available hard, the switch on for myself.”

Provider Sub

Like solution leading occasionally, service sub is not necessarily sex-related and certainly will section of a 24/7 D/s union, where a person’s distribution is actually oriented towards doing useful circumstances for anyone else. “I have delight from serving my dom in virtually whatever method she wants me to,” composed a queer lady. “For example things like base massages, cooking and cleaning on her behalf, repairing the woman clothing, beginning doorways for her and usually soon after orders.”

Service Turn

“I enjoy becoming of


as much as I enjoy getting served.”

These are merely a few of the different ways men and women determine, and most likely are just some of many descriptions for terms incorporated here. C U Following Tuesday in regards to our final look at the information as one! At the same time, do not forget to nourish your solution otter!

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Provider Best, Pillow Princesses and Other Intimate Terms And Conditions | Autostraddle

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